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The Truth About The Artist, Mike McGann, Censored Supernova, Defamed By an Idiot ........

Mike McGann

is a late Sixties man, a comic artist and satirist of some fifty years standing. Mike has been at every sort of SciFi meet, comic convention, arms’ fair and cartoon art review. He has had the odd complaint over his half century of work, but he has generally received only consistent praise. Mike’s art is a combination of themes. He has combined those Sci-Fi killers the Daleks, with the smurfs, John Cleese with World War Two, and ran a line of T-Shirts while supporting our Aussie troops which used black-comedy slogans to make folks laugh. Mike is also known for the comic book Captain Kelly the Sky Commando, who is an Aussie version of Captain America. He fights the same enemies — pinko-fascist- commie-Japanese-Empire-bad-guys. iS. ie Mike is still active and you will see his Sy ON d h fj a3 5 Marae SOO work in Nova many 2022 places — oops, — but not today at Super Stupid-Nova!! Pe)

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