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Super Nova (Stupid Nova??) Censors Aussie Art And Business. Free Speech — Where Is It?

Julian Rizzo-Smith as a garden fairy.

Probably Perverse lying and unfair censorship came to Super Nova 2021. Last year, the management removed the stand ‘Celtic a Panzer’, military, cartoon and screen-print stand operated by Aussie cartoon artist, Mike McGann. It all began with a shifty manga writer (hack?), Julian Rizzo-Smith, who decided that Mike’s stand was a Nazi conspiracy. A Japanese war flag with Astro Boy in the middle was called “fascist”. A Eureka Flag became

a “Nazi” thing and a cartoon hero Captain Kelly beating a swastika-wearing Hitler became a display of “swastikas”. A joke flag condemning “pinko fascists” and “antifa terrorism” was said also to be “fascist”. Friends of Rizzo-Smith turned up at the convention centre so as to invent stories that Mike’s staff and Mike himself had behaved badly towards customers and passersby. In fact, Rizzo-Smith whipped up such an internet storm over a day or so, that it so confused Super Nova they kicked Mike out, costing him money and time. So far, Super Nova hasn’t bothered to even reply to a letter about refunding his fees. Such is the terrorism of idiots. This is all just censorship and a denial of fair trade. So, when you do business today, realize that Super Nova management have become censors themselves.

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