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Arts course at Sydney Technical College Randwick




Issue #1

Over gallipoli in 1915 - Captain Kelly meets Mikes Grandfather. Surrender Document

Issue #2 

Captain Kelly meets Rambo - 

Issue #3 

The Pickelhelm raid - Hitler shot on the western front. 

Issue #4 

Skippys Rule - Pinko space nazis must die.

(Colouring book)

Issue #5

The battle of Britain - 30 Aussies win the battle.

Issue #6

Strike from the sky - The attack on Crete 1941

Issue #7

The battle for Darwin 

Issue #8

The African eagle - The Battle for Bir Hakeim.

(Misprint - collectors edition)

Issue #9 

Air war 1917 - Lz das Africa ship

Issue #10

Corsair raiders - The Korean war - with the Free French Foriegn Legion. 1950's - The forgotten war.

Issue #11

Pinko death comes to North Korea - Australia first squadron hits back.

Issue 12

The Casablanca connection of America bomber.

Issue 14

The Devils Cauldron - Tank battle Gazala 1942

Issue 15

With the Free French Foriegn Legion - Bir Hacheim fighting Citadel (Desert war)

Issue 16

Torpedo Vikings 1942

Issue 17

Rentry Oz Force returns to Earth with the Phantom Agent - Futuristic battle.



Mike McGann
Sydney NSW Australia

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